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Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 21.12.2018, 21:16
von Krishty
Thank you! I really just want to live up to Ace Combat’s standards. It’s just so well done in many aspects …


Going back to Ace Combat 2’s planes.

This is the Model Display, a showcase for all planes in the game (forward to 3:30):

Looking at the extracted AC2 data, we can see that directories 179–225 contain the exact background images we see in the video:
2018-12-21 1 directories.png

Besides the backgrounds, there are several sub-folders, one for each version of the model. They all contain two binary files and a plane texture:
2018-12-21 2 model directory.png

The first binary file is pretty small. It starts with the plane’s name (up to seven characters plus terminating zero) and further text to be displayed. Pretty useful to me!
2018-12-21 3 name.png

The second file is more complex:
2018-12-21 4 binary.png

But with the correct formatting, we can see that it basically contains two sections. The first section looks like vertex coordinates (just like in the terrain models!); the second section looks like triangle/quad data (but a little shorter than in the terrain):
2018-12-21 5 structured.png
2018-12-21 5 structured.png (7.04 KiB) 781-mal betrachtet

Looking closely, the first three bytes are never identical and they are equidistributed between zero and the length of the first section – it’s cleary vertex indices. This gives us a first glance at the file:
2018-12-21 6 first try.png

You need lots of fantasy to see an A-4 here. I guess the vertex coordinates are okay, but the triangle indices are wrong. I’ll try and work it out …

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 21.12.2018, 21:35
von Krishty
Okay, I got it – the model header is 8 bytes, not 16. My bad. Geometry is fine now …
2018-12-21 7 polys okay.png

… and here’s all models in one view:
2018-12-21 8 many polys.png

Pretty sweet for 20 minutes of work!

Looks like the polygons are Gouraud-shaded. That’ll need some polishing of my exporter to work. Textures would be nice as well …

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 21.12.2018, 21:59
von Krishty
We can take another shortcut by comparing the triangle structures to those from the terrain. They are spookily similar. This gives us the following layout:

  // A texture coordinate, relative to a specific texture page.
  struct UVInPage {
    UInt1B u;
    UInt1B v;

  // The location and layout of a texture in the frame buffer.
  struct DrawAttribute_Texture {
    UInt2B_LE data; // according to “Nocash PSX Specifications” › “GPU” › “GPU Rendering Attributes” › “Texpage Attribute”

  // The location of a color palette in the frame buffer.
  struct DrawAttribute_Palette {
    UInt2B_LE data; // according to “Nocash PSX Specifications” › “GPU” › “GPU Rendering Attributes” › “Clut Attribute”

  struct ModelDisplayTriangle {
    UInt1B                indices[3];
    UInt1B                zero0;
    RGBC_8888             commandAndColors[3]; // draw command in alpha channel
    UVInPage              uv_a;
    DrawAttribute_Palette palette;
    UVInPage              uv_b;
    DrawAttribute_Texture unk_texPage;
    UVInPage              uv_c;
    UInt2B_LE             zero2;

2018-12-21 9 textured.png

The canopy is broken, and so are some parts of the model’s underside. That’s because I got the quad structure wrong. More to follow.

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 21.12.2018, 22:56
von Krishty
The problem was not in the quads but in the special layout of color palettes in the VRAM. This finally fixes texture problems in some levels as well! I need to extend my PSX VRAM tutorial for that.

Enjoy the fully-textured, Gouraud-shaded ADF-01:
2018-12-21 10 ADF-01 okay.png

So much to see here. I’d love to stop and take more snapshots, but there’s so many other formats waiting to be extracted …

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 22.12.2018, 14:39
von Krishty
I proudly present the unfinished alpha version of the XFA-27 (without canards, with fixed wings, and with different intakes):

2018-12-21 XFA-27 1 beta.png

2018-12-21 XFA-27 2 beta.png

2018-12-21 XFA-27 3 beta.png

For reference, this is the final version:
2018-12-21 XFA-27 1 final.png

In directories 54–77, Ace Combat 2 contains models of all playable planes (three LODs plus one texture, in the same Model Display format I described earlier). These seem to be leftovers from the development phase – they have some texture errors and are not used in the final game. The XFA-27 is in the final folder.

Unfortunately, the texture coordinates are completely fubar. There is, however, an unused texture file that suggests a gray-blue paint scheme:
2018-12-21 XFA-27 4 beta.png
2018-12-21 XFA-27 4 beta.png (2.62 KiB) 627-mal betrachtet

This is quite a surprise :) I guess it’ll take a few days for me to document everything, take snapshots, and update my galleries.

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 07.01.2019, 11:24
von joeydee
Gerade entdeckt, vom XFA-27 hat kürzlich jemand einen Modellbausatz vorgestellt: ... #msg275959
Damit schließt sich der Kreis zu meinem Modellbauhobby in beide Richtungen: den Link zu deiner STL-Viewer-Seite habe ich dort bei den 3D-Druckern auch schon vorgestellt.
Ich dachte ich mach mal noch was ganz anderes außer Proggen, aber die beiden Hobbys verschmelzen immer mehr LOL

Re: [Projekt] Extracting Ace Combat

BeitragVerfasst: 07.01.2019, 14:07
von Krishty
Tatsache! Den Bausatz habe ich schonmal auf Twitter gesehen, aber ich hätte mir nie vorstellen können, über jemanden von ZFX davon zu hören :D Es ist echt eine kleine Welt. Und vielen Dank für den Link auf meinen Viewer!