[eng] Suche programmierer für crowdfunding projekt (nsfw)

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[eng] Suche programmierer für crowdfunding projekt (nsfw)

Beitrag von satyries » 25.09.2017, 21:57

NSFW project, so underage need no apply.

Programmer (multiplayer arena)
Informationen zum Projekt
Pama - Perverted Asymmetric Multiplayer Arena
Kurzbeschreibung des Projektes/Mission Statement
Asymmetrical multiplayer arena between two classes. Satyr (single) and nymphs (multiple). Nymph goal is to trap the satyr using wit, stealth and deception. Satyr goal is to brute force his way onto them, avoid being outwitted.
On draft phase, basic prototype with not enough functionality to test game concept yet. Development based on milestones: functioning prototype of the very basic concept, add ease of modularity, implementation of skill/perkes
Brainf***, Blender, Godot 3
I've drafted the concept, can redesign complexity if netcode and game balance allow it; also I got basic abilities with Blender (draft video are animated by me) and basic scripting with Godot.

Informationen zum Gesuch
Knowledge of Godot 3 and GDScript.
Being able to create a working prototype for a multiplayer arena and potentially increase complexity (include skills with cooldown).
Patreon: 100% of the first goal set by you.
PM or this thread directly
Gewünschtes Feedback
Constructive, I know a gameplay based upon erotic kinks may sound akward. Pioneering always start with riding a mule

detailed post:

I am looking for a programmer to make a multiplayer arena; I cannot provide economical founding by myself (see the Patreon paragraph)

The first thing to clarify it's the very NSFW nature of this videogame, so if it's not up to your normal standard probably you wouldn't want to read anymore. I do perfectly understand, thanks anyway!

Now, let's to the core of this idea: Pama it's the title, and it stand for "perverted asymmetric multiplayer arena" as in popular videogame like L4D2, Dead by Daylight and Friday 13th. There are two classes: a satyr and nymphs. More precisely a single satyr versus multiple nymphs (therefore asymmetrical). Strangely enough, the goal is the same for both: submit the other being in the opposite faction: nymph attempting to capture the satyr for sexual propose, satyr attempting to capture nymph for sexual propose.

Game mechanics:
- Satyr class player need to collide against a nymph class player: if it succeed.. the nymph is considered captured and nymph "suffer" obscene first person view submission. But nymph run faster than Satyrs.
- the satyr class has unique "charge skill" that allow him to run faster than nymph (basically this is the only way for the satyr to reach&capture the nymph other than creep or stealth on them). **but** when charging the satyr can't stop himself and will always run forwards: if he hit anything that's not a not a nymph (miss the target) he will crash and become stunned.
- When the satyr is stunned the nymph capture (intoxicate) him and she can obscenely abuse him.
So, both classes have equal chance to capture and sexually abuse their opponent
Gameplay can be enhanced with unique skills and perks each class may have/acquire (I can already throw few ideas) but both netcode complexity and game balance is a serious issue, that's why I restrict this draft to be as much realist and keep the "game basis" concept as much lower possible.

A more detailed draft about this project is on my itch page: https://satyrs.itch.io/

Development plan:
Stage: the prototype - the first milestone is to build up a very barebone, but working, prototype: this mean players should be able to play online in a first person arena. Satyr class (the host server) will have two walking mode: walk and charge.
The walk mode is just simple as it: just walk slowly. The charge mode will force the satyr to run endlessly onward but will NOT be able to slowdown, strafe or inverse the direction: basically he will run like a car without brakes... only steering. While in charge mode the satyr must be careful to not frontal hit anything. If he crash onto something who isn't a nymph... he'll get stunt for an amount of time (leaving him freeze and vulnerable)
Nymph will have two walking mode: crawling (to be stealthy) and running. Nymph can safety collide with Satyr is when he's stunned: this is considered "nymph captured the satyr". If satyr capture nymph both will locked into the "satyr victory" animation (which is nsfw) and vice versa will happen for the nymph ("nymph victory" nsfw animation). Both animations will “lock up“ the players (similar to Friday 13th: the game killing sequence)

Stage: beyond the prototype - second milestone comes if prototype and funding is successful. We'll keep onward into tuning modularity to make easier for modded to include new characters from other franchaise. We can't endorse violation of other popular IP (let's say: Mercy from Overwatch), but we can get in touch with some great NSFW artists who are willing to draft their own unique nymph/satyrs design.
Stage: the way for a complete game - if founding is REALLY successful, the community does respond to this game and everything seems to go fine we'll step ahead in the hope to reach a fully featured videogame (skills, competitive progression, free marketplace for mods etc)

License, Patreon and recursive founding:
I cannot provide economical founding for this, but here's the deal: the one who will code the basic framework (to use with Godot) will open a Patreon and take the 100% founding for the first goal.
There are plenty of adult single player videogames on patreon who reach about ~1000$. But, of course, I cannot grant success for this project; direct community feedback is the only meter of success/failure.
I am not aware of any other adult asymmetric arena in similar fashion, so I guess the concept is original at very least. I know that netcode is at the top of the most complicated, time consuming, job into videogame dev: if the patreon doesn't go well and the bounder of the code is too heavy compared to the founding... I am perfectly fine if you would give up anytime. No string attached. Even if this project make any money/founding, I won't see a single ¢ until the first goal for your earning is not meet... I am absolutely fine with.
But we have to consider the not betrayal of the patreon founder in meanwhile: so, development is supposed to be OpenSource, the game released as MIT licensed. Even if we give up with this project, the community will always have some good MIT licensed netcode (a mutual grant as our Patreon founders wouldn’t see their money wasted)

As game engine, I do look after of Godot which is, IMHO; the only AAA grade (feature wise) and MIT Licensed videogame engine known. Other popular engines may be free, but have several restriction (Cryengine doesn't allow pornographic contents for example).
Artistic assets and sources (characters and animations... .blend files mostly) not related to the coding will be given in a secondary CC0 license (these assets will be used for the basis to build mods, even commercial mods)

Granted with full license (MIT license for the engine, CC0 for the "basic assets"), modders are supposed to do whatever they want: even selling their single mods (even sell bundled with the whole game and their mods... given they have rights on said mod-assets), ask for donation/financial support or simply give free of charge (CC0 mods will be considered asset donation to bring officially into Pama to extend the basic foundation for everyone else ).

Primary founding intended for this drafted plan is Patreon or similar. The model is not "per copy sold" but per-development open founding.